Yoga has been on the fringe of exercise for decades. It was mostly seen as some sort of meditative, spiritual practice with the added benefits of stretching and flexibility. Recently, however, research has proven that yoga provides even more benefits than aerobic exercise. Are you surprised? Researchers were actually a bit surprised themselves! There are many benefits to practicing yoga, including immediate, short-term, and long-term benefits, and now research has shown that yoga earns its place among other forms of exercise. So, the answer to the question is yoga really considered exercise is: yes, it is!

Aerial Yoga

If yoga in its traditional form, performed on the floor with a mat, has been proven to be more beneficial than aerobics, consider aerial yoga. Aerial yoga is performed using a hammock, or silk, suspended from the ceiling. As you perform Aerial Yoga you are using every muscle in your body to maintain balance in the hammock. That is why Aerial Yoga offers some additional benefits to traditional yoga, including:

Increased mental focus: Balancing while suspended in the air is believed to increase your focus because it requires you to be more alert and to concentrate harder than mat yoga.

Stronger muscles: Aerial Yoga is great for your core because, in order to maintain balance and stabilize yourself in the air, you must engage your core muscles. In fact, all your muscles are engaged and working harder than with mat yoga.

Increased flexibility. During traditional yoga, your stretches are limited by the floor. Not so with aerial yoga, which results in deeper, more fulfilling stretches and increased flexibility.

Now You Can Teach It!

For those of you who have earned your 200-hour yoga certification and are interested in teaching Sky Aerial Yoga, we are offering a teacher training program June 24th, 25th, and 26th.  The training includes everything you need to know to safely guide students through a beginner Sky Aerial Yoga class, including:

  • Aerial Yoga safety
  • Alignment
  • Modifications
  • Hands-on assists
  • Embodied anatomy
  • Transitions
  • And more

Register now at:

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