There are many different types of yoga, and if you are new to the practice you may wonder what that’s all about. You may be familiar with the different exercises that target different aspects of your health and body (i.e., aerobics target cardio), so it is with yoga. Different practices are meant to reach different ends. Yin yoga was founded by Paulie Zink and is a slow-paced, passive style of yoga during which stretches are held for three to five minutes.  The yin yoga experience is different than yang yoga in that it is meant to reach deeper, in a literal sense.

Reaching Deeper

Because yin yoga focuses on reaching deeper within your muscles to the connective tissue and fascia, and because the poses are held for about five minutes, but sometimes as long as twenty, yin yoga tends to be more meditative than a yang yoga practice. Therefore, students should be comfortable and ready to become aware of their feelings, emotions, sensations, and the self. For this reason, yin yoga is often used in trauma, chronic pain, addiction, anxiety, and eating disorder programs. It is also a great way to maintain, or increase, your flexibility as you age. Many of the yin yoga postures focus on the hips, sacrum, and spine.

Deep Release Yin Yoga at Urban Vybe

Administer your mind and body by alleviating physical and emotional stress with conscious breathing, self-awareness, and meditation. During our Deep Release Yin Yoga class here at Urban Vybe, we encourage you to reach deep into your muscles and connective tissues to increase your joint mobility and flexibility while also reaching deep within your being to become familiar with your mental and emotional self.

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