Being consistent and sticking to a schedule is definitely key to a good workout routine, but are you doing the same thing week in and week out? Try switching things up to surprise your body and your mind!

Evolution Training

This is a key belief of both our owners, Jo and Stacy. Stacy actually created Evolution Training based on this idea that we should constantly find new ways to work out. To quote her personal bio, “You can watch your entire body transform, and fast, because your body (and your mind) never have time to adapt to anything.” You can also experience this in her classes. Stacy is an expert in training, and loves to experiment with the equipment in the studio. “After 14 years of training and teaching, I can say I am the master craftswoman of finding new and unusual ways to work your booty – my favorite muscle group!” In last week’s Cycle Circuit class, the triceps workout discussion went something like, “This is weird guys, but it works!”

Pros and Cons of the Same Workout Routine

Women’s Health recently published a great article on this topic, “What Happens To Your Weight Loss When You Do The Same Workout Every Day.” In it, the author discusses both the pros and cons to a regular routine. Avoiding indecision keeps your gym time efficient. When you like your class or workout, you are more likely to stick with it. However, trainer Brad Schoenfeld, Ph.D., C.S.C.S. also advises that you need to challenge your body to adapt. Over time, your body adapts to your regular workouts. When your body doesn’t have to work as hard to recover, you don’t burn as many calories. Switch things up at least every 4-6 weeks for the maximum benefit.

Change Your Routine at Urban Vybe

Urban Vybe offers so many different classes. Take a chance and try something new. If you have your set schedule of when you come to the gym, see if there’s a class at the same time in the other studio. Try yoga and cycling and training. You may feel new muscles you haven’t been working in your regular routine.

Fusion Classes

Then to really switch things up in a fun workout, try out our variety of fusion classes. Follow these links to class descriptions and schedules.

  • Aerial Yoga, one of the most unique elements of Urban Vybe, is a new way to experience yoga. The practice involves a silk yoga hammock securely hanging from the ceiling. There are various levels including a Yin/Restorative practice.
  • Friday Hip Hop Hot Vinyasa Yoga is a challenging, playful, and energetic practice set to a soundtrack of hip-hop, rap, and R&B.
  • Kardio Barre combines cardio, dance, ballet, boxing, and Pilates (don’t worry, dance skills or coordination not required, just a willingness to have fun!)
  • CYP is also a newer fusion of Cardio, Yoga, and Pilates for total body conditioning
  • HIIT Circuit combines core muscle group training with intense cardio blasts
  • Urban Boxing Pilates is a non-stop fusion of standing Pilates, boxing, and dance
  • Urban Zen Cycle combines cycling with yoga mindfulness and breathing. This class transitions perfectly into Deep Release Yin Yoga.
  • Cycle Circuit is one of our newer fusion classes, combining cycling with a circuit of cardio and weights
  • 30/30 Cycle & Lift begins with high-intensity cycling and ends with weight training. In her Featured Teacher profile, yoga teacher April said that although Jo’s yoga class will always her favorite, “Stacy’s 30/30 is such a powerful class that allows me to feel strong in new ways.”