Did you know that exercise can encourage positive thinking, and positive thinking can change your life? Exercise encourages positive thinking because it relieves both mental and physical stress making you feel better all around. When you are under stress it is difficult to think positive, but when you feel good, your attitude is good, too. Stress reduction is one of the most common benefits of exercise. And because exercise increases norepinephrine, which is a chemical that helps moderate your response to stress, you may reap the benefits long after.  So, what’s your vybe? Is it negative or positive?

The Benefits of Positive Thinking

There has been a lot of speculation about the effects of positive and negative thinking over the years. But as time goes on research continues to prove that positive thinking has a host of health benefits:

  • One research study found that those who are optimistic about a certain part of their lives have a stronger immune response than those with a negative view.
  • Another study showed that positive thinkers handle stressful situations better than negative thinkers.
  • Another study conducted by the Mayo Clinic found that positive thinkers experienced less depression, a decrease in fatal heart-related problems, and a longer lifespan.

The Effect of Exercise on Your Thinking

Exercise helps relieve anxiety and stress, two things that can discourage you from thinking positive. It also increases endorphins, the happy chemicals that create feelings of happiness and euphoria. Research indicates that exercise can often be just as effective taking an antidepressant. So, if you’re looking to become a positive thinker, exercise can help. Here at Urban Vybe we believe in positive thinking, fun, happiness, exercise, and good health. So join us and encourage your positive vybe

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