It may seem that the major goal of meditation is to center yourself and to calm your mind, but research shows that it does much more than that. Meditation is good for your mind, body, and spirit. It has physical and emotional benefits, and it benefits your brain. Meditation can do a lot for you in every way. Today we will focus on how meditation benefits your physical health.

How Meditation Can Help You Physically

Meditation helps to calm your body and mind so you can center yourself, but it also has many other benefits as a result. Such benefits include pain reduction, boosted immunity, lower blood pressure, and more.

Pain: Research has shown that meditation can help reduce pain. One study showed that 20-minute sessions of meditation for four consecutive days decreased the participants’ pain by 57 percent. Participants also reported that the pain they did experience was 40 percent less intense. One theory is that meditating helps you learn to focus on something other than pain, in essence “turning the pain off.”

Immunity: In 2003, an eight-week mindful-meditation study was performed. The results of the study indicated that those who meditate develop a stronger immune system, particularly older people.

Blood pressure: A study conducted at Massachusetts General Hospital taught patients who were on blood pressure medication but still could not get their blood pressure under control, a technique called the relaxation response. Over half of the participants experienced a drop in blood pressure and in some cases were able to reduce their medication.

Heart disease: According to a 2012 study, practicing transcendental meditation–which is a mind-body technique–can reduce heart attack, stroke, and early death due to heart disease, particularly in African Americans. Also, according to the American Heart Association, stress reduction associated with any type of meditation can benefit heart health.

Meditation at Urban Vybe

If you’re new to meditation you can learn how to achieve stillness and peace of mind with our short meditation practice. Come and enjoy the mental, physical, and emotional benefits associated with meditation with us here at Urban Vybe.

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