In Western culture it has been routine to view the body as a machine run by separate systems i.e., the cardiovascular system, digestive system, circulatory system, nervous system. Eastern culture, however, has the tendency to view the body as a whole. The belief is that every system of the body, as well as the mind and soul, all need to be in sync to achieve health and happiness. More recently, Western science has also begun viewing the body as a whole. Yoga, which originated in Eastern culture, is founded on the belief that the body works as a whole and must be cared for in that way. What is yoga therapy? It is the use of yoga techniques to encourage physical healing with the inclusion of the emotional, mental, and spiritual.

Yoga Therapy Defined

Western science has only just begun researching the benefits of yoga, although its many mental, physical, emotional, and spiritual benefits have been hailed by Eastern cultures for centuries. Yoga therapy has been defined in various ways by the International Association of Yoga Therapy but what most definitions include is the fact that yoga therapy is different than a general yoga class in that yoga practices are adapted to those who have chronic, or persistent health problems and/or challenges.

How is This Done?

Yoga therapy has been proven one of the most effective complementary therapies for a variety of common and/or chronic ailments, according to recent medical research. Whether it be pain, a bad back, or a chronic illness (rheumatoid arthritis, fibromyalgia, or any of a number of others), agedness, infirmity, or a temporary condition such as pregnancy or having had surgery, yoga therapists can choose specific, or apply modifications to, a variety of breathing exercises, postures, relaxation techniques, stretches, and meditation to accommodate individual needs.

Urban Vybe Yoga Therapy

Led by Jo Stokes, Urban Vybe Yoga Therapy is a small, private group-training session that focuses on the individual needs of the participants. Using traditional yoga breathing exercises, meditation, postural re-alignments, gentle stretching, and strengthening postures its aim is to bring the body into balance to encourage deep healing, and increase mobility.

About Urban Vybe of Flower Mound, TX

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