Aerial yoga, also referred to as anti-gravity yoga, originated in New York and moves yoga from the ground to the air. Aerial yoga may at first have seemed like a fad, but the concept has caught on and is practiced in several countries. Hailed for its many benefits, aerial yoga frees your body from the restraint of the flat, hard floor allowing for more fluid movements. It combines anti-gravity asana (yoga poses), acrobatics, Pilates, and dance, and is favored for safe alignment, and because it provides more length in your spine. If you’re still wondering what aerial yoga is, read on to find out more.

How are you Supported?

The suspension system that allows yoga to move safely from the floor to the air is attached to the ceiling or a steel frame and consists of chains and a yoga hammock, swing, or silks. The suspension system supports your weight and allows you to experience being safely suspended in the air.

What are the Benefits?

Classic yoga inversions put pressure on your head and spine and could eventually lead to neck and back pain over time. Performing aerial yoga eliminates this risk. There are many physical benefits to performing yoga in the air, including:

  • Spinal decompression
  • Pain relief
  • Ease of inversions
  • Better spinal alignment
  • Easier mobility
  • Strengthens your muscles
  • Strengthens your core
  • Creates space in your joints

Who Should Perform Aerial Yoga?

Aerial yoga is not for everybody. There are some conditions that it may exacerbate. For instance, if you are prone to dizziness or suffer from vertigo, sudden changes in body position may trigger an attack. However, we offer restorative aerial yoga sessions which are a great alternative for many of these conditions, and still allow you to experience yoga in the air. You can check our schedule for these specialty classes or schedule a private session.

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