Essential oils are extracted from plants. They are what give the plant its aroma, and often contain healing properties native to the type of plant. Essential oils are completely natural, contain no man-made chemicals, and can provide a wide range of health benefits when used correctly. Although it may seem as if essential oils have only become popular within recent years, they have been used for centuries for spiritual, emotional, and cosmetic purposes. So, if you are wondering what essential oils are, read on to find out more.

Where They Are Found

Most of us know that essential oils are derived from plants, but it is not clear from which part of the plant, or how the oils are extracted. Where the oils are found depend on the plant, for instance:

• The oils are found in the leaf of the eucalyptus
• The berry of the juniper
• The grass of the palmarosa
• Lavender is found in the flowering tops of the plant
• The oil is found in the petal of the rose
• The roots of the angelica
• Orange is found in the zest of the fruit
• Cedar is in the wood
• Frankincense is found in the resin
• Etc.

The oils are extracted via steam distillation or cold pressing and are often used for a wide range of conditions due to their antiseptic, antifungal, antiviral, and antibacterial, and other healing properties.

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