Here at Urban Vybe we are all about love, peace, positive energy, fun, and laughter, and when we say laughter it’s no joke. Did you know laughing is similar to exercise? It can offer the same advantages as a work-out, but we will get to that later, right now in case you haven’t heard of us we are located at 2500 Lakeside Parkway, Ste 180, Flower Mound, Texas, and we had our Grand Opening on March 11th 2016. We offer a variety of exercise and yoga classes, as well as yoga training and certification, and are here to help you along on your soul’s journey. So, welcome to Urban Vybe where you can get your vibe on!

Now Back To Laughter…

Did you know our physiology changes when we laugh? Our muscles stretch throughout our face and body, we breathe faster which provides more oxygen to our tissues, and our pulse and blood pressure increase.  These are all the same advantages as working out. Laughter burns calories, too. A research study conducted by Vanderbilt University found that 10-15 minutes of laughter burns 50 calories! So you are going to want to join us in what’s going on!

What’s Going On!

There is a lot going on this month at Urban Vybe and you can keep up-to-date by signing up for our newsletter here. April is a month of joy, renewal, and new beginnings and here is how we are helping with that. Come celebrate our new beginning during the month of April by joining us for our:

  • Nutrition Workshop
  • Earth Day Celebration
  • Ribbon Cutting Ceremony
  • Dallas Wanderlust 108
  • Kids Aerial Yoga
  • Women’s Life Circle

Most importantly we are having a New Student Special! Your first basic class is free, and our New Student Special gives you two weeks of classes for only $20. There are a variety of options to fit your schedule, and there’s something for everybody!

About Urban Vybe of Flower Mound, TX

Come live, love, and have some fun while nurturing your mind, body, and soul at Urban Vybe. We offer a variety of yoga classes, HIIT, Group Training, nutrition, meditation, and more. Sign up for our newsletter here.