Looking for a new and unique exercise? Want to mix things up? Look no further, we’ve got the exercise for you. Our Urban Boxing Pilates class is a non-stop fusion of standing Pilates, boxing, and dance that will have you in tip-top shape in no time! Who says you can’t have fun burning tons of calories?  At Urban Vybe you know we are all about health, fitness, well-being, and…FUN!

What is Boxing Pilates?

Boxing Pilates is a combination of boxing and standing Pilates principles, with a dash of dance thrown in. The combo was created about five years ago by a former jazz dancer Viveca Jensen. Ms. Jensen took boxing lessons to develop strength. Deciding that she wanted to add a feminine touch, she began adding some Pilates leg moves, or “standing Pilates” to her boxing routine, and threw in some of her jazz training.  Here at Urban Vybe, our Boxing Pilates class is an intense, active, and calorie-burning experience that allows you to take charge of your health and aspire to the self-image you have always wanted!

As a Fitness Program

As a fitness program, Boxing Pilates is an interdisciplinary system that incorporates boxing, standing Pilates principles, and dance moves. It is a fitness program based on cutting-edge research and techniques developed to burn the maximum amount of calories, increase stamina, and build lean muscle. The combination of boxing, dance, and Pilates exercise components works to create a sense of physical and mental balance.

Here at Urban Vybe

Here at Urban Vybe, we are all about working hard and discovering your full potential. We spread the love and have fun. Exercise may be hard, but who says it is not fun?! Come join us and get your vibe on!

About Urban Vybe of Flower Mound, TX

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