Here at Urban Vybe we are all about health and fitness and having fun, but we also offer so much more. In fact, this month we are offering Sky Aerial Yoga Teacher Training. If you’ve experienced aerial yoga, then you are familiar with the many benefits it offers. While it offers many of the same benefits as mat yoga, aerial yoga goes above and beyond! Pardon the pun. Free from the restrictions of the floor, performing yoga in the air allows you to lengthen your stretches, strengthen your concentration, and reach deeper into your core for balance, all while experiencing that free-floating feeling of…well, floating in the air! So, if you’re interested in learning to teach Sky Aerial Yoga, come visit us at Urban Vybe where we are all about health, fitness, and aerial yoga training!

What is Sky Aerial Yoga Training?

Aerial yoga involves performing yoga using a hammock, also called a ‘silk,’ that is suspended from the ceiling. It does not restrict your movements as much as mat yoga, allowing you to perform deeper stretches and moves that otherwise could not be performed while on a flat surface.  Training is available to those who possess their 200-hour yoga instructor certification, personal training certification, massage therapist certification, and physical therapist certification.  Your training will include:

  • The Urban Vybe Sky Aerial Yoga Manual
  • How to perform aerial yoga safely
  • Proper alignment
  • How to incorporate modifications
  • How to perform transitions
  • How to assist your students “hands-on”
  • Embodied anatomy
  • And free aerial yoga class attendance

Upon successful completion, students will receive Urban Vybe Sky Aerial Yoga Certification to teach Aerial Yoga.

Classes will take place on June 24th, 25th, and 26thFor more detailed information or to register click here.

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