Considerable research has indicated that yoga changes a person on all levels: mentally, physical, and emotionally. Here at Urban Vybe we are offering a class called  The Psychology of a Yoga Practice: How our Inner World Determines our Outer World, because what goes on inside our minds affects our bodies, and our mental and physical health. We all know that stress can cause headaches, pain, high blood pressure, and illness. During this class we will look beyond the physical body and into the subtle body, and venture on an in-depth journey through the chakra system.

Some Things You Need to Know

Physical body vs subtle body:  Your subtle body is the non-physical part of you that can affect your physical body by maintaining health or contributing to disease.  Some cultures believe that rather than one subtle body, there are several including the:

  • Emotional
  • Mental
  • Astral
  • Higher mental
  • Causal
  • Electro-magnetic (chakras and nadis)
  • And others

Regardless, everything within your body is intertwined. Your subtle body/ies often hold deeply buried experiences or beliefs that may be the source behind the symptoms of physical pain, as well as mental and spiritual imbalances.

The chakra system: Chakra’s are considered circles, or “wheels” of energy that exist throughout your body. The seven main chakras are located along the spine, beginning at the base up to the crown of your head. Each corresponds to massive nerve centers in your body, as well as major organs, and your emotional, psychological, and spiritual states of being. Basically, matter and consciousness meet at the point of each chakra. In order to maintain a state of health and happiness, your chakras must remain aligned, open, and fluid. They are part of your subtle body.

Our class offers asana, meditation, and journaling techniques to help tend to and keep your subtle body balanced and healthy.

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