We’ve all had the experience of walking into a new place for the first time and feeling completely lost. Don’t let that fear hold you back! Urban Vybe is a small, independent, and very welcoming place. You will learn to overcome so much here, so take first step in your new journey.

Whether you are new to yoga/cycling/working out, an occasional gym visitor looking for a change, or a seasoned yogi, you are welcome at Urban Vybe!

Suggestions for newbies:

Connect online and in-person

There are so many ways to see what’s going on at the studio! You may have already found the Getting Started section of our website, but if not, it has tips for attending classes. If you’re going to try Aerial Yoga or just want to learn more, please see the Aerial Yoga FAQ page.

Follow/like us on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.

When you visit the studio, be sure to read about upcoming events on the chalkboard at the front desk!

Take the New to Yoga Workshop on Saturday 9/17 at 12:45pm

Learn about yoga philosophy, the benefits of yoga, the art of pranayama breathing, meditation, asana, and the use of props to enhance your practice. We’ll provide a safe, comfortable, interactive, and fun environment to get you started on your yoga journey and to help you feel knowledgeable and confident in any yoga class.


Introduce yourself at the front desk

This is your first stop for a friendly face. Here you can check in for classes, set up your membership, and ask for a quick tour.

Don’t be shy

Your instructor would love to meet you and learn your name. Let her/him know you are new, ask any questions you have, or alert them of any concerns. They will be sure to explain movements throughout the class and offer available modifications.

Ask other members for help

The positivity here is contagious. Don’t be intimidated in your first class; just walk in, introduce yourself, and ask those who have taken the class before for help or advice. Other members are great at helping you set up your bike for cycling, find blocks or other props needed for yoga, choose weights or bands for 30/30, etc.

Make connections

Before and after every class, you’ll see members catching up about jobs, families, dogs, sneakers, restaurants, you name it. Take an extra few minutes to meet someone new and your day will be instantly improved. Classes are also more fun and motivating when you feel you are among friends.

Visit us today!