Kids love to be active. They love to play, move, and keep busy. What better way to keep your kids busy this summer than with Kids Summer Yoga and Kids Aerial Yoga Camp? Besides providing you with peace of mind, there are numerous reasons to keep your kids active. One major one is that obesity rates among children ages 6 to 19 have reached 15 percent, twice doubling the recorded rate of the late 1960s. Physical activity can help prevent your child from becoming obese, it can help them lose weight if needed, and also help them develop a healthy lifestyle. Need more reasons? Keep on reading.

Once Upon A Time

There was a time when parents could shoo their children outdoors and not see them again until dinner, and then again until bedtime. Times have changed. Today parents don’t like letting their children out of sight due to abductions and whatnot, but that’s not all. With the rise of technology, children are more than satisfied to sit in front of a videogame, text on their cell phones, or watch TV.

Combat Their Down Time

Programs such as Kids Summer Yoga and Kids Aerial Yoga Camp offered at Urban Vybe can help you combat your families downtime in a safe, fun, and playful environment. Yoga can help keep your child fit while developing body awareness, self-control, flexibility, and coordination. Yoga is also known for developing compassion and getting in touch with oneself. It can help decrease anxiety, increase calm, and foster cooperation.  Aerial yoga, using hammocks, is both fun and challenging.  Kids love it, and participating in a new, complex activity such as aerial yoga can help your child develop better concentration, gain strength and confidence, and increase self-esteem, all while being active, having fun, and staying physically fit!

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