Sometimes it is difficult to find time to exercise. Between working, chauffeuring your kids around, making meals, cleaning the house, laundry, and taking care of your aging parents, you have no time for yourself! And then, of course, some exercise programs can be expensive. Well, here at Urban Vybe we are all about health, wellness, exercise, and fun! That’s why we offer a variety of activities. We even have Free Yoga in the Park every Saturday morning, so spoil yourself this Saturday by joining us in the beautiful park at Lakeside for free!

Try it Out!

Have you been wanting to try yoga but haven’t found the time? Perhaps you didn’t want to pay to join a program until you knew that you would enjoy it. Well, our Free Yoga in the Park every Saturday is perfect for you, then. Come try it out and see if yoga is your exercise. This is an outdoor class for all levels, and you can sign up here to save yourself a spot!

The Many Benefits of Outdoor Yoga

While yoga provides numerous health benefits regardless of where you practice it, outdoor yoga provides some additional benefits including:

Inner strength and stability: While it is easy to gain strength and stability in a quiet and stabilized environment when nothing is bothering you, outdoor yoga provides challenges not found indoors, including, noise, wind, and uneven surfaces (but it also offers fresh air, space, flowers, foliage, and other beauty). By accepting and working with the outer elements, you can become stronger and more stable in all aspects of your life. Rather than be rigid and unyielding, set in your ways, so to speak, the challenges of outdoor yoga can help you become more flexible, tolerant, and accepting of life’s moments, rather than requiring things to be a certain way.

Increased balance by strengthening musculature: Outdoor elements such as the wind, and uneven surfaces require you to use your skills and muscles for balance more so than usual, increasing your skillset and strength.

Proprioception: Proprioception is your body’s awareness of itself and where it’s parts are at any given moment, even when blindfolded. The many outdoor elements mentioned above can make it difficult to focus on where your body parts are, where your foot is located, for example. Succeeding to keep yourself balanced among so many distractions, allows you to get deeper into your body and develop muscle skills and strength.

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