Quick bio (how long have you been teaching? Related degrees and/or certifications?)  I have been teaching yoga since 2003 and am an E-RYT 500 with a Masters in Special Education, with credentials in Life Coaching, Reiki, Ayurveda, and Vedic Astrology

What do you teach at Urban Vybe?  My favorite format is Slow and Deep, but I enjoy teaching the other formats as well. I am also part of the Teacher Training curriculum, honored to be facilitating the 300 Hour program.

What song(s) do you love to play in your classes? I like to mix it up, depending on the theme of my class, I’ll theme out my playlist. I enjoy anything from healing ambient sounds, kirtan, folk rock, alternative, to classic rock.

Favorite class or workout (outside of your own)? I love cycling, so I enjoy Spin. When I can hit a Spin class, followed by a Yin class, I’m in heaven.

How did you come to Urban Vybe? Sloane gave me my first teaching job, where I taught mostly gentle, beginners, kids, and pre-natal. Not long after I was also teaching and managing at Lifetime Fitness, so my roots to Jo, Sloane, and Daina go waaay back, which led me to Urban Vybe at a time I was searching for a new yoga home simply to practice. I am so blessed to be practicing and teaching here!

What makes Urban Vybe different than other gyms/studios? The energy/vibe of any community is set  by the owner/owners. There is a sincere care for the teachers and members here. As teachers, we are encouraged to just be our creative selves and as students we are encouraged to be real and to grow. It’s simply an inspiring place to be and the atmosphere is warm and welcoming.

What’s your favorite cheat snack/food/drink? Fried Pickles & Beer  Y’all!

What’s currently your favorite local small business (can be anything – retail, restaurant, etc)? Sleepin Lizards in Denton, there is no place better for handcrafted gifts, as well as fun (and sometimes inappropriate) cards, gum, toys, clothes, and other stuffs. You just gotta go and experience it. Your inner free spirited hippie kid will thank you.

Best advice for someone new to your class? All I hope you do is breathe, as this is that space where clarity and growth happens. Within your breath, you know when to take a mini-rest, when to work harder, and when to let go. With a background in Special Education, I strive to help everyone feel successful, so I break things down and build them up so stages of the postures are approachable to every BODY. I love themes, so I interweave yoga philosophy within my classes, as well as with an Ayurvedic (sister science to yoga) approach.

What’s something you say (Inspirational quote, phrases, etc.) often in your classes? “Recommit to your breath!”  And….”With great respect and love, I honor my heart, my true teacher.”