1. Quick bio (how long have you been teaching? Related degrees and/or certifications?) 

I have been teaching fitness classes for 8 months now, and I have been a fitness enthusiast for the past 3 years. I am certified to teach group classes and focus my study on strength training! I hope to also become yoga certified and continue my fitness education to explore all possible avenues. In my younger years I specialized in dance (hip hop, jazz and contemporary) and martial arts (karate and jiu jitsu).

2. What do you teach at Urban Vybe?

I currently teach Strength Training, Boot camp, Boxing & Suspension and substitute for Spin.

3. What song(s) do you love to play in your classes?

I play it all- Rock, Pop, Hip hop, Rap, Country- If it is up beat and gets people going, I play it! I love mixing it up and seeing what people respond to!

4. Favorite class or workout (outside of your own)?

I am obsessed with Aerial Yoga! I love all of the classes, and got in to yoga over the past 3 years. I love how challenging and different Aerial Yoga is! Jo, Sloane, Danielle and Caroline are incredible instructors, as well!

5. How did you come to Urban Vybe?

I have known Stacy for years! When I saw Urban Vybe open, I had to try it. I knew I would get a good workout (I had been killed by Stacy before), but what surprised me the most were the people. The community that is being built at Urban Vybe, the love you feel when you walk in the door and the drive of the people that work there!

6.What makes Urban Vybe different than other gyms/studios?

Stacy and Jo! The strength of Urban Vybe starts from within those two! They believe in the power of people and the amazing things that can be done when you empower people. Urban Vybe also has unique classes, incredible instructors and tons of events to keep the people connected and build a wonderful community. I could go on and on about all of the wonderful things Urban Vybe offers, but it all starts with Stacy and Jo, their leadership, their love and their desire to see people thrive!

7. What’s your favorite cheat snack/food/drink?

I am a sucker for an incredible glass of wine and dark chocolate! When I crave salty/savory flavors- I love chips and guacamole!

8. What’s currently your favorite local small business (can be anything – retail, restaurant, etc)?

I love Trio in Flower Mound. I am a bit of a coffee snob, and they do coffee right!!!

9. Best advice for someone new to your class?

Know that I am here to help you achieve your goals! Ask questions, get involved and stay with it! We will work hard, sweat and struggle, but it will be fun and pay off in the end!

10. What’s something you say (Inspirational quote, phrases, etc.) often in your classes?

When you CHAlleNGE yourself, you CHANGE yourself

I am here to create the best butts in Flower Mound

It’s not about being better or stronger than anyone else, it’s about being better and stronger than you were yesterday

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