Quick bio (how long have you been teaching? Related degrees and/or certifications?)  I’m a 200 RYT and I’ve been teaching yoga since March 2014.

What do you teach at Urban Vybe?  Weekly, I teach hot vinyasa, slow and deep and hot hatha. Every few months I’ll also teach my structure wall yoga and yin. 

What song(s) do you love to play in your classes? I play a little of this and a little of that. LCD Soundsystem, SOHN and MS MR will commonly pop up on my playlists. I love music that has a forward momentum feel, rhythms that you can lose yourself in, and just be present in your body. 

Favorite class or workout (outside of your own)? Jo’s yoga or “Joga” will always be my favorite, but Stacey’s 30/30 is such a powerful class that allows me to feel strong in new ways. 

How did you come to Urban Vybe? Jo was my teacher and mentor and we were aligned on yoga philosophy, music and cashew queso. It means the world to me that Jo asked me to be part of such a talented and lovable team. 

What makes Urban Vybe different than other gyms/studios? It’s not about numbers for the vybe tribe. Each and every one of us cares deeply about trust and community. As teachers we’re allowed to be individuals, to get creative, and that creates a space for you to find a teacher you resonate with and have a connection.  

What’s your favorite cheat snack/food/drink? Vegan tacos. I don’t even consider them a cheat food they are necessary for life. 

What’s currently your favorite local small business (can be anything – retail, restaurant, etc)? Sundays, after my hot vinyasa class I head over to Trio Craft Coffee for a almond milk sweet latte. Best. Coffee. Ever. If the owner, Carlos, makes your drink be prepared to be ruined for all other coffee. 

Best advice for someone new to your class? You’re in a safe space, and I’m not going to holler out poses at you. I’m a guide, and if  something is too much or not enough there will be options to discover the pose for your body.

What’s something you say (Inspirational quote, phrases, etc.) often in your classes? I end all my classes with a quote from Bill and Ted. It’s a simple quote but it’s my guiding philosophy. “Be excellent to each other.”

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