Welcome to spring in Texas! It’s our short, lovely season where flowers are blooming and the temperatures are (mostly) comfortable for outdoor exercise. Take advantage of the beautiful days! Get outside and explore your city on your bike! And when Texas weather does its thing or you need more motivation from an expert instructor and fellow cyclists, come back inside where we offer plenty of cycling and cycling fusion classes in the studio. (See schedule)

Exploring & Exercising

Personally, my outdoor cycling is more about family fun time and exploring new neighborhoods. I get a better workout and am motivated to push myself more in a cycling class, so combining both is best for me. Now is the time to find out what works for you.

Recently, we had a thunderstorm-filled weekend with rain, wind, and hail, followed by a week of beautiful spring days. I took advantage of a morning with bright sun and mid-70 degree temperatures. With my toddler in a trailer behind my bicycle, we spent a couple of hours navigating our Flower Mound neighborhood to visit two different playgrounds. We both had a great time exploring and enjoyed the trip more than we would have in a quick car ride.

Sometimes in our cars we are completely focused on our destination or the terrible traffic that we don’t have a chance to look around. Riding on a bike not only gives you that wonderful fresh air, but an opportunity to take in your surroundings. Ride through your own neighborhood and see what you notice for the first time! We accidentally found a fun zig-zag trail reminiscent of Lombard Street in San Francisco, hidden in a nearby neighborhood.

Morning tour of Flower Mound parks

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City Cycling

Map out a destination you regularly drive to and see if there’s a way to ride your bike instead. A few months ago, busy schedules and car troubles left me without a vehicle on a day I was hoping to take a yoga class. My husband suggesting riding my bike from our Flower Mound house to Urban Vybe. I thought it was a joke, especially since my usual route involves a bit of a drive on the busy FM 2499/Long Prairie Road. Looking at Google Maps (which kindly offers an option for cycling directions), we found a route through a few nearby neighborhoods, and discovered that FM 2499 actually has a lot of wide sidewalks. I now enjoy riding my bike to the studio when I can. Best of all, bicycling only takes 15-20 minutes, not much more than my usual 7-12 minute drive.

Studio Cycling

I love using my bike ride to the gym as a warm-up before a yoga, cardio, or small group training class. On days when the weather or schedules don’t allow for a bike ride, Urban Vybe has multiple indoor options. Urban Zen cycle is a unique 30-minute cycling journey combining elements of yoga to allow you to connect mentally, emotionally, and spiritually. Cycle Circuit Training and 30/30 Urban Cycle & Lift offer fantastic fusion workouts of cycling, cardio, and weights. (See schedule)

JOIN US on Earth Day, Saturday April 22, for a FREE outdoor Cycle Circuit class at 9:00am followed by Yoga in the Park at 10:00am. Sign up HERE.

Share with us how your ride to the gym goes and what you discover on the way!

City Cycling