Here at Urban Vybe we try to cover all the bases regarding health and wellness. Without good health, and if you’re not feeling well, it is difficult to enjoy anything.  Don’t short change yourself if you don’t have to, because you’re not only short changing yourself, your short changing your children, friends, family, and anyone who loves and cares about you. That’s why we want you to be healthy, and we want to help keep you that way. To do this we offer a variety of classes including exercise classes, weight lifting, yoga, meditation, and even essential oils classes. Like we said we are covering all your bases.

30/30 Urban Cycle and Lift

If you love cycling but have decided that something is missing, or if you’re concerned that you are developing strength in your lower extremities but not in your upper body, we have the class for you. You can experience the best of both worlds with our 30/30 Urban Cycle and Lift class. This class provides 30 minutes of interval training on the bike to get your heart pumping and torch those calories, as well as 30 minutes of body-sculpting/weight training, for a complete workout all-in-one. This class covers it all and is suitable for all levels

What is Interval Training?

Interval training involves working out at higher intensities (faster and harder) than you would in a steady-paced cardio workout, such as walking. The purpose is to tire yourself out over and over again. Pushing yourself for short bursts at a time burns more calories, so you lose more fat and build more muscle in less time.  This can be done with any form of exercise, including cycling.

What is Body-Sculpting?

Body sculpting focuses on core strength and toning your muscles via traditional weight-training moves, usually using equipment such as hand weights, barbells, exercise bands, etc. Body sculpting helps:

  • Increase strength
  • Develop muscle tone
  • Reduce the risk of bone loss

About Urban Vybe of Flower Mound, TX

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