You can still get a cleanse!

Have you thought about trying a juice cleanse but were afraid or not sure how to get started? Could your body use a boost after an enjoyable but not-so-healthy summer of eating & drinking? Were you unable to make the last group cleanse? We carry Vim + Vigor all year long! You can still get a 1 day-3 day cleanse whenever you’re ready.

Each day includes 6 raw, organic, fresh, and tasty juices from Vim + Vigor that were designed with holistic nutritionists. They focus on mostly vegetable-based juices to avoid the “detox effects” that can come from fruit sugars feeding the existing yeast in our bodies.

Support local small businesses! Vim + Vigor is a local Dallas company with a mission to buy from local farms whenever possible, so you get the freshest ingredients.

During the cleanse, especially if you are new to cleansing, it is best to refrain from strenuous exercise. However, moderate exercise can complement the cleanse, so continue to come in for yoga classes!

Next Nutritional Coaching seminar is Wednesday 9/14 at 7:00 pm

For more information on the cleanse and juices, you can also read Vim + Vigor’s FAQ page:

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