After Continuing a personal recap from a first-time participant in Urban Vybe’s 3-day juice cleanse.

Wednesday – Day 3

Thankfully I got a lot of sleep because Wednesday was off to a busy start, trying to get the kiddo ready for preschool after my husband left early for a business trip. In this case, the juice was really convenient. I could drink it on the go while walking the dog and pushing the stroller (another hand would have been nice).

I visited Urban Vybe for my favorite cardio class, Urban Power Dance. It’s a good workout, but I knew the instructor Melissa was also doing the cleanse so we could modify appropriately. I was able to do more than I expected, but didn’t push myself like I usually would. After getting really hungry in class, I was happy I brought juice #2 with me in a cooler on ice (I liked them all as cold as possible).

I also noticed I still hadn’t had ANY headaches so far, just a few tiny pains which went away before they really started. That was definitely exciting.

#3 was good, but I found myself really looking forward to real food again. I also wanted to just lay low the rest of the day. Juice #9 went down as fast as possible, and again was convenient as I packed for an overnight and otherwise probably would have forgotten to eat or pack dinner. The gazpacho soup was good, and I could actually drink that one from the bottle. I finished the last juice #1 as I returned to the studio for our exit meeting.

Ending the Cleanse

We ended the 3 days with another nutrition seminar with Stacy. There, we learned some fun facts like most of your serotonin is made in your gut – who knew? Most importantly, we went over how to re-introduce foods SLOWLY back into our diets. I didn’t expect this, and felt like my cleanse was being extended, but knew I needed to finish it off right and not ruin my success from the previous 3 days.

This offered an opportunity to check for intolerances if we re-introduced foods like dairy, wheat, and gluten slowly and individually over the next few days & weeks. I never considered the potential of a food intolerance before noticing a relief from headaches on the cleanse. Now I had a new challenge to investigate. I hadn’t planned my dinner yet, so after leaving, I stopped at Whole Foods and picked up a bunch of frozen fruit & veggies for smoothies over the next couple of days.

Stacy shared how she and Jo juice once a week. Initially that sounded crazy to me, since I was so excited to get back to eating more normally. However, the more I thought about it, the more it made sense. Even if only to keep my focus on healthy, clean eating. I’m not quite ready for that commitment yet, but very happy that I completed this challenge. I’m also now open to the idea of doing these every so often when my body needs another reset.

Try your own cleanse with Urban Vybe and Vim Vitae (formerly Vim + Vigor).