Continuing a personal recap from a first-time participant in Urban Vybe’s 3-day juice cleanse.


Tuesday – Day 2

Each day, we followed the same pattern of 5 juices and one soup. When I woke up I felt sore from Monday’s yoga, but otherwise pretty good. Good news because Tuesday I was on toddler duty and would need energy! I tried to focus on drinking more water between each juice since that was somewhat of a fail on Monday.

Juice #1 was tougher to drink on the second day. Once again #2 was my favorite, even though I didn’t think I liked beets. Juice #3 was my second favorite, also a nice surprise since I haven’t liked other carrot juices I have tried. Once again, the afternoon was toughest when it came time for my least-favorite juice #9.

I noticed more of an ongoing hungry feeling on the second day, and again a heightened sense of smell. It was hard to resist the urge to take bites of the food I fed my son throughout the day. Just another reminder of the mom diet where you eat whatever the kids don’t finish or decide they now hate 5 minutes after requesting it. I also felt like food was taunting me everywhere. Facebook and Instagram kept showing me food, so I picked up a magazine instead. The cover proclaimed, “The Foodie Issue.”

I was excited to get to the last juice of the day and finally the soup. I was past the halfway point now! My mouth felt oddly dry, and I was again tired pretty early, but otherwise feeling ok. I thought the Harvest Mélange with a mix of squash, veggies, and chickpeas would be my least favorite soup, but it was pretty good. Honestly, all the soups taste great for the first few bites, and I could imagine them in an amuse-bouche at a fancy restaurant, but it’s tougher when you have an entire bottle to drink and nothing else. My carb and dairy-loving self kept thinking these would be great topped with cheese or crackers.

Day 2 Takeaway

The key thing I noticed on the second day was that each juice had 100% ingredients I recognized and could identify in a store or farmers market. Unfortunately, that’s not common in my fridge and it was an awakening that it should be.

Learn about the juices and see the ingredient lists here.