If you’re a frequent Urban Vybe member, you are probably familiar with our sweetest staff member named Bodhi. He is very handsome, has distinctive curly blond hair, and is an expert at Uttana Shishosana, puppy pose.

Bodhi is our studio dog, a small Maltipoo who attended our first 5k Dog Jog in July 2016. He was a featured puppy available for adoption through the Animal Rescue Foundation of Texas and he charmed his way into our owners’ hearts.

He loves toys, treats, barking at much larger dogs, and making friends with anyone who wants to pet him.

He quickly made himself at home at Urban Vybe. On the days when Bodhi is working at the studio, you may find him standing on the front desk greeting members and visitors, scurrying around underfoot, or visiting the yoga studio before a practice to sniff yoga mats and score a few more belly rubs.

Stop in for Urban Evolution Small Group Training and you may get to try out the Bodhi Suspension System that inspired his name!

Since pets can help you relax and lower your blood pressure, sitting and petting Bodhi for a few minutes may be a lovely way to prepare your body and mind for yoga class. However, you may have to wait in line for some cuddles, he’s a popular pup!