1. Quick bio (how long have you been teaching? Related degrees and/or certifications?)


Certified AERIAL YOGA INSTRUCTOR, Urban Vybe Flower Mound, TX, since 2018.


San Diego, CA, since 2003.

Pro-qualifier finalist NANBF

Chicago, IL 2005

I have used my knowledge and experience to help my clients reach unique and diverse goals. Specifically, I have successfully eliminated neck and low back pain, empowered anorexic and overweight teens, and coached body builders in preparation for competitions. I have experience preparing police academy, service academy, and firefighter applicants for success on physical fitness tests. I have also trained women through mid- life, gotten executives moving, and athletes winning!

  1. What do you teach at Urban Vybe?

I now find my passion flying in the silks with Aerial Yoga!

Currently, I teach: Aerial Yin Restorative Yoga, Intro to Aerial Yoga, Aerial Yoga Intermediate/Advanced, Aerial Yoga parties. SO MUCH FUN! (Birthday, Bachelorette, including any group that wants to fly together, and experience playful movement), Aerial Personal Training, Personal Training for Cardio, Endurance, Strength, Balance, Flexibility

  1. What song(s) do you love to play in your classes?

I play a lot of New Age restorative music for meditation and focus, along with top hits to get you flying! My goal is to motivate you to try new movement, and then restore you by class end. 

  1. Favorite class or workout (outside of your own)?

Taking an Aerial Yoga, Bungee, or UV5 Class

There is no challenge quite like flying or trying new poses and shapes in the fabric. I love the feeling of trusting the fabric, while simultaneously using your strength, flexibility, balance and grace to perform. BUNGEE CLASSES -excellent cardio! UV5 CLASSES- you can’t beat them for overall conditioning!

  1. How did you come to Urban Vybe?

Our founders Jo and Stacey, brought with them years of experience to create a compassionate wellness community. Their competence, motivation, and innovation as industry leaders culminated in creating, “something special” URBAN VYBE UV5. I wanted to teach at a studio where the human connection is at the heart of the process. Ultimately, I wanted to teach Aerial Yoga, and help grow the program. It is a perfect fit for me!

  1. What makes Urban Vybe different than other gyms/studios?

Urban Vybe is a place where creativity thrives because it is powered by the people. My fitness journey lives and grows in a holistic way here. I gain energy, love, and light from everyone in class. When you are not in class, I miss your energy. As your guide, I am committed to creating an excellent experience for you that is more than expected and one you will want to share with others. I’m humbled and excited to be here.

  1. What’s your favorite cheat snack/food/drink?

Stressed is desserts spelled backwards… so usually something sweet. My easy go to is marshmallows!

  1. What’s currently your favorite local small business (can be anything – retail, restaurant, etc.)?

HANAYA Japanese restaurant in Lakeside, Hibachi, Sushi, Asian Fusion; They serve beautifully prepared lean protein choices with rice and veggies…and I always have hot green tea! The hibachi grill is fun for celebrations, although the hibachi lunch specials served at a table (off grill) are my favorite!

  1. Best advice for someone new to your class?

Find your happiness! If your heart wants to be here, give it a chance. It takes 30 days for a new activity to become a habit, and six months to embed itself in your personality, so keep coming and find your full potential.

  1. What’s something you say (Inspirational quote, phrases, etc.) often in your classes?

“Let your mind rest on your breath.”

“Accomplishments are one of life’s greatest pleasures.”

“Gratitude is not a state of doing.

It is a state of being. Being grateful.”