What is Sky Aerial Yoga? Anti-Gravity Yoga or “aerial yoga” originated in New York State and is a new type of yoga invented by aerial performer and Broadway choreographer Christopher Harrison. A combination of Pilates, dance, and traditional yoga moves, aerial yoga utilizes a hammock (also called a silk) that is suspended from the ceiling to achieve weightlessness and provide a full-body workout. It is a revolutionary approach that provides many benefits. So…no, it’s not a bird or a plane, it’s Sky Aerial Yoga!

The Benefits of Aerial Yoga

While aerial yoga provides the same benefits as traditional yoga practice, this weightless practice also provides more advantages while the sensation of flight gives you a sense of freedom and makes it fun and playful. Some advantages include:

  • It stabilizes your core
  • You can decompress and elongate your spine through weightless inversions
  • You can expand your sense of balance
  • Experience deeper, more gentle stretching
  • Develop greater levels of strength and conditioning
  • Relax tense, compressed muscles
  • The gentle swinging of the hammock helps relax your mind and release your daily stress

For those who may have certain health conditions that prevent them from participating in a Sky Aerial Yoga class, we also offer restorative aerial yoga sessions which are a great alternative for many conditions including pregnancy, vertigo, glaucoma, recent eye surgery, brain injury, low/high blood pressure, and heart ailments.

Teacher Training

For those of you who have experienced the many benefits of Sky Aerial Yoga classes, love it, and want to share it, we are offering teacher training classes right here at Urban Vybe. If you have your 200-hour yoga certification, check out our program that’s taking place June 24th, 25th, and 26th.  To register, or for more information, visit: http://urbanvybestudios.com/sky-aerial-yoga-teacher-training/.

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